Selected Publications

Enhancing Military Exercise Team Performance with Diversified xAPI Instrumented eLearning


Learning Analytics with xAPI in a Multinational Military Exercise


Integrating Advanced Distributed Learning into Multinational Exercises


Arctic Horizons


Archive Digitization Application


In this project we partnered with local, state, and federal actors to digitze and exhibit special collections from the Macon Middle Georgia Archives; and we deliver an open source digitization workflow management software solution ADA (Archive Digitization Application) and a case study of the Macon experience.

Multichannel Learning System at the MOD Serbia


Shareholding and Democracy


Shareholding and Democracy is a wide ranging survey of liberal market philosophy and its integral function in democracy and democratization. The author is Dr. Milko Štimac, former Director of the G17 Institute, and then Chair of the Securities Exchange Commission in Belgrade for nearly a decade.

The Thermal Conversion of Solar Energy


Solar Energy is the largest completely pure energy source available to man.



Serbian authorities, especially the Ministry of Mining and Energy, proclaimed a very clear intention to follow European policy in the field of utilization of renewable energy sources –RES.

Geothermal Energy – How to use the hidden potential of Serbia?


The aim of this text is to draw attention to the insufficient utilization of the geothermal energy potential in Serbia and to propose measures for solving this problem.

Gaseous biomass - BIOGAS


By now, only few studies and assessments about potentials and impacts of biogas production in Serbian province of Vojvodina have been made, as in TESIC et al., 2007; MARTINOV & DJATKOV, 2008.

Improving Energy Relations with Russia: The Roles of Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy


Europe can improve its energy relations with Russia by contributing to increase energy efficiency and the development of alternative sources there.

The State and Development of Small Hydro Power Plants in Serbia


In this research, the term Small Hydro Power Plants refers to all hydro power plants with hydroelectric power flow under 10 MW, regardless of the type of hydro power plant (accumulative, flow hydro power plants, pre-dam hydro power plants ).

The State and Development of Biomass in Serbia


Biomass is a renewable energy source that can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels in thermal and electrical energy production. Unlike fossil fuels, biomass combustion does not increase the level of CO2 in the atmosphere thereby having a positive influence on the environment.

The Utilization of Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Serbia


Despite the fact that the average solar emission in Serbia is 40% larger than the European average, solar energy utilization for electric energy production in Serbia lags far behind the European Union countries.

Serbia’s Capacity for Renewables and Energy Efficiency


Serbia has extensive unused potential for greater energy efficiency and production from alternative sources.

Evaluation of OSCE Gender Programming in Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Armenia


The ODIHR has not followed one single strategy in all countries, but rather has pursued opportunities that would be the most feasible and effective in making step-by-step, incremental but important progress towards promoting equality of rights and opportunities for women and men.

Developing the Potential: Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan is seeking new sources of energy

The Civil Protection System in Serbia


Research of historical perspective and present conditions in the civil protection system in Serbia, with a policy recommendations.

The Wind Energy Utilization in Serbia


In 2008. wind became the main energy resource to drive new capacities for electrical energy production in the European Union. Installed power of new wind power plants surpassed the combined power of new diesel power plants and nuclear power plants.

An Imperative to Innovate


1. Democratization will fail unless bolstered by strong independent media.

2. Training is a necessary but insufficient element of building media. Training needs are highly context-driven and often best performed in the workplace itself.

Informal Economies in St. Petersburg: Ethnographic Findings on the Cross Border Trade


It is not surprising that economies in this part of the world should see an explosion of a wide-scale market for bureaucratic services intermediaries, facilitating informal relations between businesses and state authorities.

The Potentials of Production and Utilization of Biofuels in Serbia


In 2006.

Informing Decision Research Capacity for the SCG Ministry of Defence


The Serbia & Montenegro Ministry of Defence is slowly turning the political rhetoric of reform and civilian control of the armed forces into real steps. Sustained reform is unlikely without Ministry capacity to plan and react strategically - and strategic behavior demands informed decision makers.