Breaking new ground in the effort to integrate Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) in military training events, we supported the organizers' delivery of ADL capabilities to enhance learning at the VIKING 18 exercise. VIKING 18 – a 10-day, civil-military exercise – was conducted in April 2018 in Sweden with more than 2,500 trainees from 50 countries. (Additional information available here.)

We built many of the 29 courses delivered, retrofitted legacy courses to be xAPI compliant, and stood up a secure LRS to collect the xAPI results. xAPI is a system specification that lets learning technologies better record, aggregate, and analyze learning performance data, particularly across diverse learning experiences.

  • Distance learning
  • International cooperation
  • Advance Distributed Learning
  • Learning Analytics

Mainstreaming online education in exercises

We utilized xAPi and non-xAPi data to track VIKING 18 participant performance in all segments of the training, with online learning and simulations as modern essentials. We displayed these live learning results alongside live exercise data on an implementation of VIDI Dataviz, our standalone learning analytics dashboard, demonstrating its capability for vizualizing asynchronous data streams from diverse sources in multiple formats and of various scales.