We played a multifaceted role in VIKING 22, building on our work to advance the integration of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) into multinational military training exercises. We developed and deployed nine ADL courses directly targeting the training objectives, including tailored modules that introduced participants to the exercise scenario. We also designed, built, and hosted a customized VIKING eLearning website, which included wiki pages presenting the full scenario in a user-friendly form, as well as the suite of ADL courses.

Mainstreaming learning analytics in training events has been one fundamental aim of our participation in the VIKING series of exercises since 2018. For VIKING 22, Jefferson Institute President Aaron Presnall served as the Deputy Director of Exercise Evaluation (EXEVAL). EXEVAL is responsible for examining how the exercise functioned overall—rather than individual participant performance—including the years-long planning process. Its Final Exercise Report (FER) presents a granular assessment of the successes and failures in every aspect of the exercise and makes detailed recommendations for improving subsequent training events. Presnall’s senior role on the VIKING 22 EXEVAL team demonstrates how far we have advanced toward the goal of making learning analytics a key and routine element of this crucial post-exercise function.

April 21, 2022
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Furthering the capacity to measure training achievement, we conducted additional field testing of our protype MADLx Return-on-Investment (ROI) Dashboard. The dashboard demonstrated its capacity to utilize both xAPI and non-xAPI data to analyze information critical to improved decision-making on training, and to provide that analysis to training commanders and exercise managers in a variety of easily interpreted data visualizations.

VIKING 22 was conducted from March 28 to April 7, 2022, in Sweden and satellite locations in several other countries, with more than 2,000 personnel from 47 nations participating. The aim of the VIKING series of exercises is to train civilian, military, and police participants to meet the challenges of multidimensional crisis response and peace operations.