Jefferson Institute President Dr. Aaron Presnall is co-chair of the NATO Partnership for Peace Consortium’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Working Group, spearheading multinational cooperation to innovate eLearning and build interoperable, resilient, and agile military education and training capabilities.

Founded in 1999, the Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) connects more than 800 defense academies and security studies institutes across scores of countries to promote defense institution building and foster regional stability through research and education. The PfPC ADL Working Group strives to strengthen defense, military, and security policy instruction through technology-enhanced learning to transform allied and partner readiness preparation.

Dr. Presnall’s work with the PfPC ADL WG includes leading the research and writing of information papers advising policymakers on military Education, Training, Exercises, and Evaluation (ETEE), and organizing and participating in international military ETEE conferences and workshops.