Vazil Hudák

Vice President, European Investment Bank

Vazil Hudák, (Ph.D. Charles University) joined the European Investment Bank as Vice President at the beginning of October, 2016. He is the first Slovak national to join the EU Bank's Management Committee. Prior to his appointment, Dr. Hudák was active as lead Slovak negotiator for the EU Budget. In the period from June 2015 to March 2016, Dr. Hudák was Slovakia's Minister for the Economy. Between 2012 and 2015, he was State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance. He also has extensive experience of working in the private sector as Vice-President of Citigroup (2006-2010) and Executive Director of JPMorgan Chase Bank in London (2010-2011).

Prior to his banking career, he was focusing on public policy and economic development, working with diverse governments and corporations around the globe. Dr. Hudak worked for 15 years (1991 – 2006) at the EastWest Institute where he directed the EWI Centers in Brussels, Atlanta and Prague. In his free time, Dr. Hudák enjoys different sports, in particular jogging and tennis. He is married and has four sons.