AIUNT (Latin: What do they say?) aims to listen to popular opinions to everyday topics by scientifically examining online comments from selected news outlets.

We continuously harvest articles and comments in the structured format, and store in a graph database keeping the original categorization and tagging. These analyses serve journalists and civic activists to help recognize mainstream media opinions and compare them with readers’ online comments community. It also provide ways to catch patterns of false news and planted articles and opinions.

  • R
  • Weka
  • TM
  • OpenNLP
  • D3.js
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Word processing

The articles and comments inherit tagging from their original newsrooms, but we group them into these basic sections: politics, business, editorial pages, local news, art and culture, sport, and other and display their co-relations in five custom made data visualizations.

Journalists have availability to tweak and further customize their search as well as to analyze and compare up to four independent texts in the same time.

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