Chaired by Assistant Minister Jovan Mijakovic and Chancellor of the University of Defense Lt. Gen Miodrag Jevtic, the third annual Distance Learning Conference of Serbia centered on milestones achieved in the "Distance learning in the Serbian MoD and Serbian Army" project, implemented by the Jefferson Institute and supported by the Kingdom of Norway, with a special emphasis on practical application of mobile learning innovation and on emerging opportunities for Serbia to contribute its experience toward international partnership activities. The plans for the next period of programming 2014-2016 were also discussed.

Modern information technology and computer literacy are enablers of education and training improvement, in both civilian and military educational systems. Remotely available electronic materials, interactive courses and computer simulations are now widely used in modern armies. The motives are obvious: providing a better quality training and education in less time and with less material costs.

Experience tells us that while technology moves quickly, change in training and education comes slowly. To reach it requires, foremost, a change in mindset. This process takes persistence and patience, and above all the collaboration of all stakeholders in education and training, whether they are in the role of a teacher or a student.

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Military Academy, Belgare
December 13, 2013