As part of our multi-year effort to support distributed learning capacity development at the Defense Ministry of Georgia, with the generous backing of the Kingdom of Norway, the Jefferson Institute’s Biljana Presnall and ADL Ukraine Director Lt. Col. Maksym Tyschenko led three days of intensive training for senior leaders and staff at the National Defense Academy (NDA) Distance Learning Center in Gori, Georgia.

Based on the knowledge and insights gained at these training sessions, and with subsequent close online support from the Jefferson Institute, the Georgia ADL Center staff created and launched three new online courses for use in MOD personnel instruction.

October 17, 2022

Presentations and discussion during the training sessions included the organizational strategies, tools for content creation, and Learning Management Systems that are key to modernizing learning; the critical role and high value of Learning Analytics utilizing data from ADL in training exercises and professional instruction; and the National Defense University of Ukraine’s experience with creating and maturing its ADL Center, including course development and deployment, and distributed learning security considerations.

The Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Norway provided generous financial support for the planning and execution of this training conference, as part of a multi-year Capacity Building project funding Jefferson Institute initiatives to develop the eLearning systems of the Georgia Armed Forces.