We work with archives, museums and libraries to enhance the preservation and access to heritage holdings in the digital era.

We help these institutions manage and control for themselves all the elements and actors in the digitization process, along with community outreach where we create and deploy digital tools for mobile devices, games, and 3D and virtual reality exhibitions, all while maintaining high archival standards and minimizing disruption to an institutions ongoing work.

Digitization of archival holdings is one of the keys to preserve heritage for generations to come. It provides researchers and community members with immediate, complete, and contextual access to records that would be unthinkable in a traditional, physical archive.


History is hard to share and connect with modern life. That’s why we partnered with The Miami Herald, a witness of the South Florida history for one hundred years.


In this project we partnered with local, state, and federal actors to digitze and exhibit special collections from the Macon Middle Georgia Archives; and we deliver an open source digitization workflow management software solution ADA (Archive Digitization Application) and a case study of the Macon experience.  The Digital Community Heritage Project was supported by the Knight Foundation


We designed and delivered a solution for a digital archive of the Serbia MoD, accessible to management and researchers. We successfully completed the imaging, classification and indexing of over 3.5 million pages spanning from the 1700s to the present, while simultaneously making search and retrieval of access to those documents much easier through digital indexing and a simple research user search interface.