Year: 2011

In a modern democratically controlled military, every soldier must continually improve throughout their career, not only during periods of regular education. On the other hand, a small army needs all its personnel at work.  Current methods of courses offered to the military in Serbia requiring months or years away from posts are no longer acceptable.  As educational systems increasingly go on-line, the ability to participate in and produce on-line education becomes a critical element of reinforcing legal and ethical norms, force interoperability, and regional integration.

In the face of these challenges, the Serbia Ministry of Defense Directorate of Education prepared a comprehensive program for developing and implementing a distance learning platform for use by the Military Academy and Command and Staff Colleges.  Thanks to the generous support of the Kingdom of Norway, this project built that capacity in close cooperation with the Serbia Military Academy, the authors of this Serbia MoD program for ADL, and their superiors.