• Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    DatavizKitchen is a project dedicated to online and in-person training to help NGO’s and journalists more effectively cook up and serve data visualizations. We also introduced a variety of freely available tools for data visualization and analytics, and the set of universal data skills necessary for navigating the quickly evolving universe of dataviz.

    But as exciting as the universe of free tool is, most NGOs and journalists who dive into innovative ICT projects are either destined to fail or will never even start. They may have a fantastic idea, but they lack the skills to execute it properly, lack a clear vision, do not have an appropriate workflow, or ultimately were delivered an outsourced solution that was not built properly. At this event, we covered more than just tools. We also provided an overview of the essential steps in managing a successfully executed ICT project, and a few classic mistakes to avoid.

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