• Thu, Jul 30, 2015
    Submitted by Gleb Yarovoy
    Karelian State Committee for Tourism was dissolved upon the decision of the Head of the Republic, Alexander Khudilaynen. As a separate agency, it ran for two years: in June 2013, the Committee was established upon the order of Khudilaynen. From this point onward, the functions of the Committee will...
  • Wed, Jul 29, 2015
    Submitted by Atle Staalesen
    From 14th September, Russians will have to personally show up at a Schengen consular station to give finger prints and photo in order to obtain visas. Russia is following suit and will soon introduce similar requirements for Schengen citizens. That could prove to be another major stubling stone for...
  • Wed, Jul 29, 2015
    Submitted by ArishaUl
    In 2014, the share of men in the population increased in most parts of the Barents Region. The exception was the Finnish provinces, where the proportion of men and women remained the same as in 2013. Finnmark County in Norway has the highest proportion of men in the population, 51.41 percent. ...
  • Tue, Jul 28, 2015
    Submitted by Elizaveta Vassilieva
     Russia has imposed stricter limitations on alcohol consumption. From June 2015, manufacturers and retailers of products containing more than 0.5 percent alcohol must get a license from the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation (FSAMR), NEWSRU reports. The new regulations, which went into...
  • Thu, Jul 09, 2015
    Submitted by Birgitte Wisur Olsen
    Statistics published by Patchwork Barents clearly indicate what regional Russian and Norwegian tourist operators are after: to expand the number of nights each visitor spends in their region. In 2014, tourist operators in Finnish Lapland registered approximately five times as many visitor nights as...